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Machine Learning @ John Lewis Instagram

  • SITUATION: John Lewis Instagram team 2mon pilot with Link Big

  • TASK: Get more IG performance, getting more site traffic from IG to JL site.

  • ACTION: Added ML codes to our cloud platform that track IG texts (IG API) and the engagement rate on JL IG.

  • RESULTS: Found out the cold words ("This Shirt") get more CTR than hot words ("this amazing jacket") - gaining 26% more organic traffic in 1 month!

Medical AI @ Udacity nanodegree

  • SITUATION: Udacity's Nanodegree "AI for Product Managers".

  • TASK: Teaching ML to track the right signals for Pneumonia in Children X-rays images.

  • ACTION: Using APPEN, ML codes were trained to "learn" what are the 2 signals of Pneumonia in the lungs X-ray and flag which ones are "clear" or not.

  • RESULT: doctors precious time identifying cases of Pneumonia In Children.

Emotions Analytics @ a Neuroscience Hackathon

  • SITUATION: Google Neuroscience Hackathon.

  • TASK: How to make use of "brain signals" analytics - for commercial use.

  • ACTION: Sync brain signals from site visitors and "clear the clutter" of data and gain insightful results.

  • RESULT: Testing a shoe store, we managed to see a pattern when a user got happier when he saw men shoes and not women shows.

IBM Watson for VC & Startups

  • SITUATION: IBM Watson Hackathon.

  • TASK: To solve the 95% fail of Startup by "matchmaking" the right startups to the right VC.

  • ACTION: Using IBM Watson "auto-matchmaking", and Crunchbase API, we've design an interactive dashboard helping map which are the best startups for VC goals and the reverse, best VC for startup goals.

  • RESULT: 1 judge favorite hack.

A Google voice app to fight Covid-19

  • SITUATION: Global Hackathon to fight Covid-19 (Healthcare).

  • TASK: How do we track Covid patients - BEFORE they tested positive?.

  • ACTION: Google Home will detect if the user is coughing or sneezing and alert local authorities and guide the user to seek medical aid.

  • RESULT: Team managed to get Google voice trigger after 3 achoo and also detect the difference between a cough sound and a sneeze sound!

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